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Make professional QSL cards in just minutes

Now, you no longer need to lay out a bunch of money and be stuck
waiting weeks for a print shop to make your QSL cards for you.

Do them yourself in just minutes right from your home computer.
Make as many, or as few, cards as you want.
Customize your QSLs for special events, competitions, holidays, and more.

Our QSL paper makes creating your own cards simple, fast,
affordable, and best of all, professional!
Use this stock to create your own 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 QSL cards
right from your home computer. The paper runs easily through
your printer and then tears apart at the perforations, leaving a clean edge.

Contest Season Sale

Sheets of Perforated QSL Paper

4-up QSLs on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet

Or, make your QSL cards fold-overs and get 2 per sheet.

  • White 67 lb. Bristol card stock Help
  • Feeds well on most ink jets, laser printers and photocopiers
  • Clean edge micro perforation
  • Packaged 125 sheets per package (500 cards)
  • FREE QSL Template you can download - Microsoft Word compatible

    $24.90 per package
Sale priced at

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Discounted paper for QSL card making

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